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Altschul: 100 Years of Propaganda and Monetary Dominance from Cold War to MTV to 9/11

Altschul: 100 Years of Propaganda And Monetary Dominance "The history of the press demonstrates that newspapers and the more modern variations of the press have tended to serve the selfish interests of the paymasters, while at the same time perpetuating the image of a press operating in the service of the consumers of the news. To expect that the news media will make a dramatic U-turn and scoff at the wishes of the paymasters is to engage in the wildest kind of utopian fantasies." -J. Herbert Altscull,  AGENTS OF POWER:The Role of the News Media in Human Affairs   (1984, p. 299). J. Herbert Altschull was  Bureau Chief of the Bonn office for the Associated Press/Bonn, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany; Instructed writing seminars at John Hopkins University; Wrote free lance for many publishers including Readers Digest and The New York Times; News Analyst for King TV Won 3 Emmys/Seattle, Washington. [*] I intend to demonstrate within this post that Mr. Altschull's

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